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Kimono Condom Sampler $9.99
Kimono Condom Sampler $9.99
Kimono Condom Sampler $9.99
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Product Description
Your opportunity to slip into a different Kimono condom each time - America's Thinnest Latex Condom today, Textured tomorrow. Sample our Kimono condom line and pick your favorite, or mix it up for a unique sensation every time.

Kimono Condom Sampler contains 12 latex condoms and 4 Aqua Lube packets - a long lasting, silky water based lubricant.


Kimono MicroThin Ultra Thin (3) Kimono MicroThin Ultra Lubricated (3) Kimono MicroThin Large (3) Kimono Textured (3) Aqua Lube lubricant packets (4)